About Our Staff


District Organization Chart (PDF)

Administration Department

Allen Carlisle
CEO/General Manager (Biography)
Phone: 619-258-4614
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Amy Pederson
Board Secretary
Phone: 619-258-4614
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Administration Organization Chart (PDF)

Engineering Department

Mark Niemiec
Director of Engineering and Planning (Biography)
Phone: 619-258-4635
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Engineering Organization Chart (PDF)

Human Resources Department

Lisa Sorce
Director of Human Resources (Biography)
Phone: 619-258-4656
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Human Resources Organization Chart (PDF)

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve

Laura Koval
Director of Park and Recreation (Biography)
Phone: 619-596-3141
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Park Organization Chart (PDF)

Contact the Staff


Melissa McChesney
Communications Manager (Biography)
Phone: 619-258-4680
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Finance Department

Karen Jassoy
Director of Finance (Biography)
Phone: 619-258-4612
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Finance Organization Chart (PDF)

Operations Department

Paul Clarke
Director of Operations and Water Quality (Biography)
Phone: 619-448-4551
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Kyle Swanson
Director of Operations - AWP (Biography)
Phone: 619-258-4673
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Operations Organization Chart (PDF)

Operations Staff Photo