Padre Profile: Amy Pederson

For every Board meeting at Padre Dam, it's someone's responsibility to coordinate with staff to put together the agenda and presentations, take minutes, and ensure regulatory compliance. This person is Board Secretary Amy Pederson, and planning Board meetings is just the beginning of her job description.

In addition to the more than forty Board and committee meetings she manages on a yearly basis, Amy is responsible for overseeing administrative activities for Padre Dam’s Board of Directors, the General Manager, Padre Dam's Management Team, and the recently formed East County Advanced Water Purification Joint Powers Authority to which Padre Dam serves as the Administrator. This means collaborating with Department Heads and coordinating with Department Managers, outside agencies and others in support of District goals and services.  

"It's a multi-faceted role that often requires juggling competing priorities, but the variety is one of my favorite parts of my job," Amy said. "The role and priorities can change every single day, and that's what I thrive on."Amy Pederson smiles at her home office

Part of Amy's administrative work includes working with every Department and the District’s Legal Counsel to make sure District Policies and Procedures are updated to reflect any changes in law or District processes. She also keeps the District in compliance with extensive legal and transparency requirements, including fulfilling public records requests, administering the District’s records management and retention program and serving as the Filing Official for campaign and economic interests statements filed by elected officials and designated employees.

Amy's role gives her a unique vantage point to see the entire complex workings of the District come together toward the common goal of providing safe and reliable water and wastewater services to customers. She sees how Departments like Finance, IT, Engineering and Operations all play a part in producing vital infrastructure projects. Her role is to be the force behind the scenes to advance these projects by ensuring that they go through the proper processes and can be considered and voted on by the Board.

"As a public agency there are various laws we must follow to conduct agency business," Amy explained. "Without the detailed administrative work that goes into getting a project or contract voted on by the Board, there wouldn't be any pipes in the ground."

During social distancing measures due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Amy has been on the front lines of transitioning District meetings to a virtual setting while still maintaining accessibility for the public. This meant working quickly to move all public meetings online and develop a more lengthy spoken format that makes the meetings accessible to those without video capability. She continues to work with Board members and staff to eliminate technical glitches and ensure the meeting runs smoothly for onsite staff as well as Board members, staff and the public participating remotely.

Originally from Texas, Amy moved to San Diego twenty-four years ago and began working for Padre Dam on a temporary assignment.  A year later, she was hired as the Administrative Assistant to the Board Secretary before promoting to the position of Board Secretary in 2001. Although she isn't currently playing, Amy enjoys softball several times a week as a way to unwind and get together with family and friends. During the pandemic, she is enjoying swimming and getting outside as much as possible.