Padre Profile: Scott Brooks

If you have ever called or emailed Padre Dam, there's a good chance the person on the other end of the conversation was Scott Brooks. Scott has worked at Padre Dam as a Customer Service Representative for almost five years, and works closely everyday with both customers and staff.

Scott's responsibilities include everything from bill processing to sending out service orders, and his favorite part of the job is interacting with customers. Scott advocates for the needs of customers, making sure that their concerns and issues are addressed by the appropriate department at Padre Dam. "I get to know a lot of customers just by talking on the phone or through emails; there are regulars every month who call in because they have a different need or concern. I have a lot of customers that I've grown to really care about over the years."

Scott Brooks smiling for camera sitting at desk

Scott's position in customer service means he is able to work with every department, from Engineering to Operations to Communications. This gives him a unique look into the processes that go into providing water. "I wish people had more of an understanding of what happens at an agency, what goes in to turning on the tap and having fresh, clean reliable drinking water flow out." Scott encourages every Padre Dam customer to take a District tour so that they can learn more about their water systems and infrastructure.

In addition to his customer service skills, Scott enjoys working with his hands. He worked for years as a machinist in a metal fabrication shop, and now counts woodworking as one of his hobbies. Scott also spends his free time working on his Jeep.

Scott is happy working in his Customer Service role. "I enjoy working at Padre Dam, and I like what I do. I feel it's meaningful." Scott aspires to someday work as a field service technician or as a utility worker at Padre Dam.