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Jocker alejandro

Amy Pederson

jeromy langdon

Jocker smiles at his home office

Amy Pederson

Jeromy Langdon

Padre Dam owns and maintains over 380 acres of land in order to house vital infrastructure like pipes, reservoirs and pump stations. This infrastructure and the land around it must be accessible in order to perform maintenance and repairs. The person responsible for managing property rights and access to District land is Jocker Alejandro, Padre Dam's Right of Way Agent.

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For every Board meeting at Padre Dam, it's someone's responsibility to coordinate with staff to put together the agenda and presentations, take minutes, and ensure regulatory compliance. This person is Board Secretary Amy Pederson, and planning Board meetings is just the beginning of her job description.

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As a Utility Worker, Jeromy and his team are tasked with maintaining water infrastructure in order to keep water service running for Padre Dam customers. With more than 392 miles of drinking water mains, this is not a small task. Before working in the water industry, Jeromy didn’t realize all of the work it takes to get clean drinking water to homes and businesses.

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Jason Mulick

MaTt JOnes

Joe Guzzino

Jason Mulick Smiling in front of electrical cabinet

Mat Jones

Joe Guzzino

If you look at a map of Padre Dam’s service area, you might notice that the topography is far from flat. In fact, Padre Dam’s 72-square mile service area experiences an elevation change of over 2,300 feet. That’s where Jason Mulick comes in. As a supervisor in the Electrical Department at Padre Dam, it’s Jason’s job to make sure that water, which weighs more than 8 pounds per gallon, can be delivered to homes and businesses at higher elevations. 

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Matt Jones, Padre Dam's Compliance Specialist, is an integral part of a team that oversees and ensures water quality throughout the District.

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Any time you need it, clean, safe water is available with the turn of a knob for drinking, cooking, cleaning, landscaping and more. This is in part thanks to the work of Joe Guzzino, Padre Dam's Water Quality Specialist. Joe is responsible for performing weekly, monthly and quarterly tests to ensure that drinking water delivered to homes meets all state and federal drinking water standards.

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Ben Brugman



Ben Brugman

Ryan Smiling at Ray Stoyer Water Recycling Facility

Sarah Hargis

As we begin a new Fiscal Year our Padre Profile for this month highlights the important tasks of the District's Accounting Specialist Ben Brugman. Ben has worked at Padre Dam since 2015 and has the opportunity to work on multiple aspects of accounting, including accounts payable, vendor billing, financial reporting and payroll. Ben and the finance team help ensure financial stability while safeguarding the District's assets.

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Ryan Hughes is Padre Dam's talented Recycled Water Operations Supervisor who ensures that the plant runs efficiently 24 hours a day to keep up with the demand of recycled water for Santee Lakes and the purple pipe system. Recycled water in Santee comes from the Ray Stoyer Water Recycling Facility (WRF), located a few miles north of Santee Lakes.

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Sarah Hargis is a utility worker in Padre Dam's wastewater workgroup. Sarah and her team work together to ensure that the wastewater collection system is functioning correctly.

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Colleen Larsen

Mike Byerly

Melissa Marquez

Colleen Larsen

Man in work wear and safety vest with plumbing
Melissa Marquez

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Coordinator Colleen Larsen has been mapping and analyzing Padre Dam's infrastructure for almost twenty years. Colleen and her team maintain spatial data on all of Padre Dam's assets such as pump stations, pipes, valves, laterals and more. 

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Who's that guy working on the side of the road in an orange T-shirt? It could be Padre Dam Utility Worker Mike Byerly. Mike is on the ground every day making sure that the community's water system is working by performing water service repairs, fixing main breaks and laying new installations. Most of the time, Mike can be found replacing aging valves.

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Melissa Marquez is a lab analyst at Padre Dam and spends her days in our sunny lab in Santee testing the District's water, recycled water and wastewater. Padre Dam's lab has the responsibility of providing data to operators to help ensure that all state and federal standards are being met.

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Eric Lucie

Seval Sen


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Scott Brooks smiling for camera sitting at desk

Padre Dam's service area experiences elevation changes of over 2,300 feet. Additional infrastructure, such as pump stations, are required to deliver water to higher elevations. It's Eric's job to make sure that strategically placed pumps can move water to these higher elevations. He also works to ensure that our wastewater is pumped to a central location for disposal or treatment.

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Seval Sen has a passion for wastewater. She enjoys the challenge of working with water containing unknown and varying components. As an engineer at Padre Dam, Seval works to plan updates, improvements and expansions of Padre Dam's existing infrastructure including pipes, tanks and pumps.

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If you have ever called or emailed Padre Dam, there's a good chance the person on the other end of the conversation was Scott Brooks. Scott has worked at Padre Dam as a Customer Service Representative for almost 5 years, and works closely everyday with both customers and staff.

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Rob Tron 

Rob Tron holding mask smiling for camera

Rob is the Lead Field Services Technician at Padre Dam, and describes his job as "The most interesting job on the planet". Rob started out at Padre Dam over 20 years ago as a temporary meter tech and now leads a team of five.

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