Recycled Water Fill Stations

Update as of August 2020: Recycled Water Fill stations are currently closed due to COVID-19. Once Padre Dam’s lobby is reopened, a reopening date and protocols for using the Recycled Water Fill Station will be added to this page. To be notified of the reopening date when it becomes available, please email

To assist Padre Dam customers that wish to use recycled water for landscape irrigation at their property, we offer free recycled water through the recycled water fill station at our Customer Service Center in Santee.

Current Filling Days & Hours

  • Tuesdays
    Noon until 4 pm
  • Saturdays
    8 pm until 12 pm

Times may change based on demand for the program. Please note that Padre Dam may discontinue this service at any time.

No commercial vehicles or trailers longer than 15 feet are permitted to enter the fill station.

Get Free Recycled Water for Residential Landscaping

To receive recycled water customers must complete a short training session, fill out a user application and agreement and purchase a $5 identification card. 

Recycled water is available only to Padre Dam customers for their personal use at their property. Recycled water will not be provided to agents or contractors for Padre Dam customers, or for commercial uses.

You must also verify that you are a Padre Dam customer. To do so, bring all of the following items with you to the fill station on your first visit. No substitutes will be accepted.

  • A copy/printout of your Padre Dam billing statement
  • Valid identification with an address matching the billing statement
  • Recycled Water Fill Station User Application and Agreement - Please print and complete prior to arriving at the station. If you are not able to print the form, blank forms are also available at the fill station.
  • Container(s) that you will use to transport recycled water from the fill station. Please note that containers are limited to 300 gallons in size, must have water tight lids, and must not leak.


Fill station user cards are per person and are non-transferable.

The fill station attendant will provide stickers to be affixed to your containers indicating that the containers have been approved for recycled water use. On subsequent visits, the attendant will check your identification and your recycled water user card, and will verify that your container features the appropriate sticker. Stickers for additional containers may be obtained on subsequent visits.

Attendants are happy to assist customers, but due to possible high volume of traffic at the station, customers must fill their own containers.

Recycled Water Containers

Customers may transport recycled water using containers sized at a minimum of one gallon and a maximum of 300 gallons. Customers bringing containers smaller than one gallon or larger than 300 gallons will be asked to return with the appropriate size. Containers must be leak-free and feature a water-tight lid.

Please note that water is heavy! One gallon of water weighs over 8 pounds; 100 gallons weigh 835 pounds. When driving a vehicle with such a heavy weight, be sure to allow enough stopping distance. Ensure your vehicle can handle the amount of recycled water you collect and transport. Your containers must be secured for safe transport.

Before containers used for recycled water transport can be used for potable (drinking) water, they must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using one tablespoon of bleach per quart (32 fluid ounces) of water.

Do Not Connect to Irrigation Systems

For health and safety reasons, tanks, pumps, hoses, and other equipment containing recycled water must not be connected to a dedicated irrigation system, even if that system is disconnected from your drinking water system. We do not want you or your neighbors to end up drinking recycled water due to an illegal interconnection between the drinking water supply and recycled water supply. 

Any such connection violates the state’s drinking water regulations, Padre Dam’s Rules and Regulations, and the terms of the User Application and Agreement. Violators may be subject to loss of fill station privileges, fines, and other penalties. Please contact us if you have questions about appropriate methods of storing and using recycled water.