Low Water LevelsThe following water use efficiency measures remain in effect at all times : 

  • Limit watering with spray head sprinkler or hose to 10 minutes per area per day.
  • Water only before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m.
  • Irrigation runoff is prohibited.
  • No watering during or 48 hours after rain.
  • No watering down paved surfaces.
  • Use a hose with a positive shutoff nozzle when watering or washing vehicles.
  • Use recirculated water in fountains and ponds.
  • Repair all leaks within 5 days.

The state also banned watering of decorative lawns at commercial, industrial and institutional properties, including homeowner association common areas. This does not apply to residential lawns, sports fields, school fields or areas regularly used for human recreational purposes or for civic or community events.

View all permanent water use restrictions.

Conservation resources

The San Diego region has adequate water supplies. While the region has enjoyed a wet winter, it is not enough to reverse the effects of years of record dry conditions. It is important that Californians avoid wasting water and use water wisely all the time. Padre Dam customers qualify for water savings rebates and incentives for appliances, irrigation and landscaping. Water efficient classes are also available. Padre Dam customers are encouraged to reduce their water use by using water wisely and implementing water savings practices. More information on different programs is below.

WaterSmart SD – Available to all Padre Dam customers
This program offers a variety of rebates and incentives to customers. See residential, commercial and agricultural rebates and incentives including landscape classes, rebates for landscape and free audits.
Customer Water Audits – Available to all customers
A WaterSmart Checkup is your free opportunity to receive site-specific water-saving recommendations. You’ll benefit from the perspective of our certified irrigation professionals. And you decide if and when to implement the suggestions. 

County of San Diego Waterscape Rebate Program – Available to customers in Unincorporated Areas
Residential and agricultural rebates such as rain gutters, cisterns, turf replacement and permeable pavement.

Looking toward the future

Padre Dam and the San Diego region are continuously working to further increase water supply reliability, diversity and efficiency. The East County Advanced Water Purification Program is our largest effort towards increasing reliability. This program will provide approximately 30 percent of East County’s water supply by 2026. This Program will enhance the San Diego Region’s water supply reliability and help ensure we can continue to have a sustainable water supply through future droughts.

Drought Resources