Education Programs


In Southern California, water is a precious resource. Helping our customers, teachers and students, community leaders and the media understand the complexities of water, wastewater and water recycling helps us protect San Diego's water and environment.

For more information or to sign up for any of our education programs email Emma Shea or call her at 619-258-4613.

Advanced Water Purification Demonstration FACILITY TOURS

We invite you to learn about the future of East County's water supply. Tour our Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Facility to see first hand how we're working on creating a new, local, reliable and drought-proof drinking water supply. 

Visit the East County AWP Website for more information. 

Water Recycling Facility Tours

Tour our Water Recycling Facility to learn about the process of turning wastewater into clean, safe recycled water for recreation and irrigation. Water recycling is part of California's fifth grade science curriculum. Groups of all ages are welcome.

Water is Life Poster Contest

Students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade are invited to participate in the annual Water is Life Poster Contest. To enter, students create a hand drawn poster based on the theme "Water is Life."

District Tours

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Padre Dam provides water, wastewater and recycled water services on a Padre Dam District Tour. Participants will tour the Ray Stoyer Water Recycling Facility, the Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Facility, a pump station, reservoir and Padre Dam's Customer Service Center. Tours are held several times a year. 

Speakers Bureau

We welcome the opportunity to talk with any club, class, or community organization about water resources and the services of Padre Dam Municipal Water District.


Water Conservation Garden