How to Test for Leaks

Customers can view water use online, via our Aquahawk Water Use Portal. Our system allows you to see your water use on an hourly, daily and monthly bar graph format. Reviewing your water use will help you be sure your water use shows zero when you were not using water. If you see unexpected use you may have a leak. Go to My Account to begin. All you need is your name, phone number, email address and your 14-digit water account number. If you are a current E-bill customers simply log-in to your account for access to Aquahawk.
To test for leaks in your plumbing system, stop all indoor and outdoor water use activity. Check and record the numbers and the position of the sweep hand on your water meter. Wait an hour or two without using water, then recheck your water meter. If the sweep hand has moved, or the numbers have changed, water is possibly leaking somewhere in your plumbing system. Learn how to read your meter manually.

Slow Leaks
Slow leaks are too slow to move the sweep hand. Turn off the water at customer valve on your meter and wait an hour or two. When you slowly turn the water back on, if water rushed to fill the pipes, you may have a leak.

Slow leaks may be hard to see on the online meter reading system. In order for a leak to register on the online reading every hour, it must be using at least 1 cubic foot (7.48 gallons) each hour. If a leak is smaller than 1 cubic foot per hour it will only show up on the graph once the meter measures 1 cubic foot of use. For example, if your leak is 4 gallons per hour, it may show usage every other hour on your graph.

Irrigation System Leaks
Leaks in your irrigation system won't always show on your meter due to their separate shut-off valves. To find leaks, walk your irrigation lines. Check for unusual wet spots, leaky or broken sprinkler heads, and use your meter to measure total irrigation use.

Got a Leak?
Customers are responsible for the maintenance of the water pipes on their side of the water meter. It is the customer's responsibility to fix or contact a plumber to fix leaks on their property. Padre Dam does not provide leak repair service.

If you have had a leak that has caused your water bill to substantially increase and you would like to appeal the charges, please read and complete the Leak Appeal Form. After completing this form send it to Padre Dam for review along with a partial payment of at least 50% of the bill. All Leaks must be fixed before appealing a bill. If you have experienced a different situation other than a leak that has impacted your bill and you would like to submit an appeal you'll need to use the General Appeal Form.

Leak Appeal Form
General Appeal Form