Padre Dam offers a variety of programs to help customers become more water efficient and reduce water use. Save water and you'll save money and San Diego's water supply.

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Padre Dam's Water Efficient Landscape Garden

Padre Dam has a water conservation garden located at our headquarters at 9300 Fanita Parkway in Santee. Come enjoy a stroll through our water efficient landscape and see over 175 plant species. Garden Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday through Sunday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. 

Water Efficient Landscape Examples

Padre Dam has identified over 20 properties within our service area as beautiful examples of a water efficient yard. These colorful properties will provide ideas and inspiration for you to improve the water efficiency of your yard. View the water efficient landscape examples in Padre Dam's service area.   

Free Residential Landscape Survey

Want to control irrigation costs? Take advantage of our free residential survey that is available to single family customers looking for help in reducing outdoor water use. Surveys are designed to identify potential leaks, recommend water conserving devices, assess irrigation efficiency, and determine the proper landscape watering schedule that will be site specific to your home. This is a free, no obligation program. To request a survey, click here to apply. 

Water Efficient Landscaping

The Water Conservation Garden offers a variety of classes on replacing and maintaining a water-efficient landscape. For more information, view the


Water Conservation Garden Calendar.

Landscape Watering Calculator

The City of San Diego offers an online landscape calculator to help you determine landscape watering times for different months of the year. Calculate watering times for your landscape

Voucher & Incentive Programs

Padre Dam offers vouchers and other free programs for water-saving devices. You must have a voucher before purchasing a water-saving device to receive the incentive. View information on Residential Programs and Commercial Programs.

Customer Water Audit

This Do-It-Yourself Water Audit will help you understand your water meter, check for leaks, estimate your household water usage and make adjustments to your water use. 

Free Low-Flow Showerhead Kits

Visit our Customer Service Center at 9300 Fanita Parkway to receive a free low-flow showerhead. Low-flow showerheads must replace an older, non-low-flow showerhead. Provided by SDG&E. Limit 1 per household.

Turf Removal and Turf Replacement Program

- Waitlist for funding availability
Funding for this rebate was exhausted in July 2015. Visit SoCal WaterSmart for the current status of the program.