Description of Charges

System Charges
The systems charge recovers fixed costs, such as equipment repair and replacement, meter reading, account management, materials and supplies and operation expenses. These fixed costs do not increase or decrease based on the amount of water used. The fixed charge is on each bill and is based on meter size.

SDCWA Infrastructure Charge
This charge is a pass-through charge from the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) to finance projected fixed annual costs, including the construction, operation and maintenance of aqueducts and the Emergency Storage Project. This fixed charge is based on meter size.

Water at Each Tier
Water rates increase with each tier (four tiers total). The more water you use the more you pay.

Pumping / Energy Charges
These are energy charges for pumping water to properties located in elevated areas. Charges are based on water consumption.

Sewer Charges
The single-family residential sewer rate is based upon 60 days of the lowest daily water consumption documented during a full two-month back-to-back billing period in the previous calendar year, and will remain the same for the current year.

Past Due Bills
Bills become past due if not paid by the due date. A 10% late payment fee is added to a past due bill ($3 minimum, $30 maximum). Service will be discontinued after 35 days from the original mailing date. Notification ($25-28 fee) will be given at least 48 hours prior to shut-off. Shut-off fee is $60.

Security Deposits
Security deposits are required if service is discontinued due to nonpayment, if multiple checks are returned from the bank, a customer has left an unpaid balance on a previous account or to establish credit worthiness. Deposits will credit back to your account after 2 years of good records or if the account closes. 
Rules and Regulations