About Your Bill


Your monthly water bill pays the San Diego County Water Authority, Metropolitan Water District, SDG&E and Padre Dam for providing water to your property. The water meter at your property indicates how many units of water you used. Water use data is also available online under "My Account".


Sample Bill

The bill sample featured represents a sample billing statement with most common items found on your bill: 
  1. Bill Stub: Please mail back with your payment
  2. Account Information: Provides account number, service address, service type, statement and payment dates
  3. Bill Messages: Provides important messages from Padre Dam
  4. Current Account Activity: Shows recent payments, adjustments, previous balance, new charges / activity and total amount due. See Description of Charges for information on charges Meter Information: Including meter number, read dates, meter reads, number of units used in HCF, gallons per day average
  5. Water Consumption Graphs: Graphical representation of current and previous water use. You can compare this year’s use to last year at the same time
  6. Auto-pay message: If you are signed up for our auto-pay program you will see a message on this part of your bill Bill Messages: Provides important messages from Padre Dam