Workforce Partnership


Pipeline is a philosophy at Padre Dam that encourages broad-based participation in the organization's decision making processes. The primary principle of Pipeline is that Padre Dam can better serve its customers by conducting its activities in a collaborative and transparent manner.

At its core, Pipeline allows people at all levels (Board, management and labor) to voice their opinions, share ideas, give feedback and collaborate. This non-hierarchal approach also focuses on utilizing technology to offer a more virtual environment that is agile and adaptive.

Pipeline Foundation triangle flow


Pipeline consists of three primary components: the Basin, the Laterals and the Stream. The basin is a oversight committee that provides vision, resolves issues, and measures Pipeline performance. Laterals are special project teams appointed by the basin or workgroup teams that are responsible for collaborating, providing recommendations and resolving issues. Stream is a web-based application that enables everyone in the organization to collaborate and share information.

Pipeline of water from rain to faucet