Residential Recycled Water Filling Stations 
Padre Dam is opening recycled water filling stations for customer to use for outdoor watering. Recycled water training and a $5 ID card per person are required to receive water. Recycled water will be free, please bring containers with water tight lids to hold the water. Limit of 300 gallons per visit.

The first training will be Thursday, September 17th at 6-6:30pm. The recycled water fill station will open Saturday, September 19th at 8am until 12 noon. 
Additional Information

Advanced Water Purification: A Local Reliable Water Source
 Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Facility is now open for tours. The demonstration facility will use advanced water purification technologies to purify and test approximately 100,000 gallons of water each day. For a first-hand look click here to schedule a tour. For more information and to sign up to receive email updates about this project click here.
Water Efficient Landscapes - NEW!
View water efficient landscape examples in Padre Dam's service area. These colorful properties will provide ideas and inspiration for improving the water efficiency of your yard.

 Mandatory Water Use Restrictions
The State Water Resources Control Board has mandated a 20 percent reduction on water use within Padre Dam's service area. Outdoor watering is now limited to 2 days per week on the assigned days below.

Conservation rebate and incentives are available. For a complete list of mandatory water use restrictions and additional drought information  click here.     

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